#G2ROOT -- log of new Gingerbread Exploit

00:00 Hymie Cimer_: it's a JOKE site, heh... so what, if somenoe sees it in your history, show them the site!
00:00 Cimer_ yea...
00:00 pierre_ja Cimer_, http://fishporn.ca is harmless - just a chick dancing with a big fish in her hands
00:02 Cimer_ *Walks away*
00:02 Cimer_ =]
00:02 pierre_ja Cimer, don't be a prude!
00:02 pierre_ja it's just some fish porn!
00:32 Cimer_ Alright Guhl I'm back
00:33 Guhl Cimer_ what is your version number exactely?
00:37 Cimer Android version: 2.3.3, Baseband version, Kernel version: htc-kernel@and18-2 #1, Build number: 2.13.531.8 CL65018 release-keys
00:38 Cimer Hope that gives you all the info lol
00:39 Cimer Anyone here?
00:43 Guhl and this is a G2?
00:43 pierre_ja maybe they have dinner. (sorry, i'm overly sarcastic to(night)day)
00:44 Cimer Correct
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00:47 Guhl Cimer: First of all get the latest fre3vo version from here: http://tinyw.in/1lI
00:47 Cimer Okay
00:47 Cimer Got it
00:47 Guhl Second: Read this: http://therootofallevo.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=120
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00:48 Cimer Okay, so follow the steps?
00:49 Guhl yes first check the /dev/msm_rotator
00:49 ReaperFromHell silly question, but I really don't wanna brick my shiny new phone! Does 1.34.405.5 count as higher fw version than 1.34? xD
00:49 Guhl No
00:49 ReaperFromHell ok
00:50 Guhl and if you follow that guide you will not be able to brick you phone
00:50 ReaperFromHell always good to know! =)
00:51 Cimer When I typed cat /dev/msm_rotator I got /dev/msm_rotator: invalid length
00:52 Guhl that is good
00:52 Cimer (This was after adb shell)
00:52 Cimer Okay
00:52 Guhl it means that you have read access to the msm_rotator device
00:52 Cimer Starting steps
00:56 Cimer And now I wait
00:57 Guhl if it hangs for more then let's say 2 minutes then reboot and restart with other addresses
00:58 Cimer Okay
00:59 Cimer K, going to restart the phone now
01:00 Cimer I got some info, but it seemed to hang
01:01 Cimer Oops looks like I miss read lol
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01:01 Hymie wonders if Cimer's quest, with the help of the wizard guhl, will finally be over this eve! Will he get the one ring to the mountain, slay the dragon, ensure that lord mordor does not take over "the land", and.. at the same time, make sure he works his day job?
01:02 Cimer Oh well I'll just do it over
01:02 Guhl at least i hope that it will not be as boring as the 3rd book
01:03 Hymie heh
01:03 Hymie Guhl: do you read scifi?
01:03 Guhl yes
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01:03 Cimer Okay Guhl I'm slightly confused
01:04 Guhl Cimer by what
01:04 Cimer When I enter in commands after step 3 it gives me a bunch of info and just hands
01:04 Cimer hangs*
01:04 Hymie Guhl: you should read Ilium then
01:04 Cimer Do I just hit control c (to stop it) and continue?
01:04 Hymie Cimer: it's suppose to hang.. it's banging away, trying to break things
01:05 Hymie Cimer: it isn't an instant root like some roots, this one has to work at it, and hope to get lucky
01:05 Cimer Okay
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01:06 Hymie Guhl: don't read about Ilium!!!
01:06 Guhl Cimer it is supposed to be scanning for something in memory
01:06 Hymie you'll spoil it!!!
01:06 Hymie but it is very, very good
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01:06 Guhl Dan Simmons?
01:07 Hymie yes
01:07 Hymie very good author
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01:07 Guhl OK first i finish Anathem
01:07 Cimer It's been two minutes...now control c to stop it?
01:08 Guhl well try if it lets you
01:09 Cimer Okay next line
01:10 Guhl does it show that it is scanning or just the start address?
01:10 Cimer It gives me a bunch of information after /data/local/tmp/fre3vo -debug -start 20000000 -end 2FFFFFFF or such
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01:13 Cimer I'm going to start over and do this properly turns out I was not doing it right
01:14 pierre_ja Cimer, it would be good if you paste the outputs to pastebin.
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01:15 Cimer On step 3 the last line is...Scanning region 3d000000...
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01:15 pierre_ja that way we can see the commands you are running in case there is an error
01:15 Cimer K
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01:18 Cimer http://pastebin.com/ePZxHbcn
01:19 Guhl i don't understand why you don't like that rom by far better than that htc sense shit
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01:19 Cimer I like Cyanogenmod =]
01:20 Cimer Guhl did you see that paste bin?
01:22 Guhl yes
01:23 Guhl sorry for spoiling
01:23 Guhl Buffer offset: 00000000
01:23 Guhl Buffer size: 8192
01:23 Guhl Scanning region 10000000...
01:23 Guhl Scanning region 100f0000...
01:23 Guhl Scanning region 101e0000...
01:23 Guhl Scanning region 102d0000...
01:24 Guhl then it hangs
01:25 Cimer Ummm...I don't see that part..All that's in the paste bin is what I got
01:26 pierre_ja Cimer, i suspect Guhl is few steps ahead
01:26 Guhl no i am just using a different address
01:26 Cimer Okay so reboot and try the different addresses?
01:27 pierre_ja yeah, it's just that Cimer is at step 3
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01:28 Guhl fancy that crashed the media process
01:29 pierre_ja this makes it interesting. What elusive fish is fre3vo trying to catch?
01:30 Cimer The one with legs
01:30 Cimer Yay for scanning regions
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01:33 Guhl Well Cimer: I wish you luck and fun
01:33 Cimer So just continue what I'm doing and if I get root...?
01:33 Guhl yes
01:34 pierre_ja when you get root it is important to run 'rm -rf' lol - that's a joke, don't run the command
01:34 Cimer o.0
01:34 Cimer I'm a noob careful
01:34 Cimer lol
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01:35 pierre_ja Cimer, it's a basic linux command. i myself am not that far ahead
01:35 Guhl you could also try narrower ranges (but it seems that the should be a multiple of 00000 to effff
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01:35 Cimer o.0
01:36 pierre_ja and the command says "remove everything and don't ask'
01:36 igloo77055 Hey guys I had a quick question I wanted to ask in #Cyanogenmod but I couldn't get in there for some reason...
01:36 Nipqer cause your not identified/registered
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01:37 igloo77055 Right lol
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01:38 igloo77055 Well would any of you guys consider answering my question regarding a Glacier device
01:38 Nipqer whats the question?
01:40 Hymie it is a secret ;)
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01:40 pierre_ja lol
01:40 Hymie man, the earwigs were *very* bad here last year
01:40 Nipqer we have to guess the question and he tells us the answer?
01:40 Hymie does anyone else have problems, or dislike earwigs?
01:40 Hymie does anyone else have problems with, or dislike earwigs?
01:41 Nipqer dislike, havnt seen in years though
01:41 Hymie they were so bad here last year
01:41 Hymie that, I guess because of overpopulation (boom year for them), plus it being a very dry year
01:41 Hymie ..
01:41 igloo77055 With my G2 I never had problems with service signal, but using this new device I'm not getting near the same performance in that area, I've tried the two of the latest radios for the device but I'm still getting spotty signal where I wasn't before. Have you guys heard what people have the best experience with regarding to the radio ver.
01:41 Hymie so, they became attracted to my air conditioner
01:41 pierre_ja Hymie, don't fix on the particular creatures. We have a secret question to guess, so we could have the answer lol
01:42 igloo77055 lol.
01:42 Hymie pierre_ja: heh
01:42 Hymie igloo77055: we wouldn't know anyting here, likely, about radio versions for that device, however, I really doubt you'll see any difference in signal, unless they change the db numbers (fake it) like apple and others have dnoe in the past
01:42 Hymie anyhow, the earwigs were so bad
01:42 Hymie they came into my room by the *thousands*
01:43 Hymie the first night I realised this
01:43 Hymie was the night that they decided to climb onto the ceiling, and drop onto my face .. one at a time, repeatedly, dozens and then even hundreds of them
01:44 Hymie after this happened a lot, I even found that they (and this is disgusting) would crawl into the bed, under the sheets, and climb up under to my body.. I guess because it was wet (sweat in the summer)
01:44 igloo77055 Hmmm, alright...
01:44 Hymie the end, when I really, really, really freaked out, was when one of them pinched my balls when I was asleep
01:44 Hymie that just freaked me into next month
01:44 Hymie even worse, I'd kill one
01:44 Hymie and the others were so hungry, that they'd all run to the smell of the dead body, to *eat* it
01:44 Nipqer oh jesus
01:44 Hymie fucking earwigs
01:45 pierre_ja Hymie, i had a cockroach falling on my face one night years ago. and i was with a girl in the bed.
01:45 Nipqer you should turn that into a horror movie
01:45 Hymie pierre_ja: damn
01:45 Guhl you are watching too many too bad films man
01:45 Hymie Nipqer: it was a horror movie.. for weeks after, I'd go to sleep with a light beside the bed.. then, turn it on, and find all the earwigs and kill them all night long
01:45 Hymie I'd have to wake up every hour to do that, or they'd be in my bed, they'd land on my head, etc
01:46 Nipqer woke up once with a fucking weta on my face
01:46 Hymie Guhl: it was just that it was a bumper year for them
01:46 Hymie googles weta
01:46 Guhl or you are doing too bad drugs
01:46 Nipqer http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_YuR6V_Yr7Bk/SPw3fQrZDTI/AAAAAAAAAhY/ZRL9seUZW1Y/s400/Giant+Weta+02.jpg
01:46 Hymie Guhl: no, they were attracted to the moisture from the air conditioner, and they came into the house in thousands.. because I did not seal the A/C enough
01:46 Hymie Guhl: it was a window based AC
01:47 Hymie looks like a weird grasshopper
01:47 Hymie oh, a big one ;)
01:47 Hymie wild ;)
01:47 Hymie I don't know if it would bug me like earwigs, they are quite big though
01:47 Hymie can they hurt you, at that size?
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01:47 Guhl anyway it's alway 2 am for me i got to hit it
01:47 Hymie Guhl: wait!!
01:48=> Cimer joins
01:48 Nipqer thats a giant one i posted, never actually seen one that big
01:48 Nipqer weta's bite
01:48 Nipqer and are known to eat mice
01:49 Guhl then please please please give me a pastebin and don't close that shell!
01:49 Hymie Guhl: look at this, to see how much I did today, to ensure this does not happen again!
01:49 pierre_ja Nipquer, these creatures (the wetas) eat on our cotton bedclothes here. seriously, they make holes and ruin it.
01:49 Guhl Hymie: do i want to see this?
01:49 Hymie Guhl: it's just the window with the AC in it
01:50 Hymie Nipqer: but, how do they bite? I mean... they look big, but is their bite strong?
01:50 Nipqer pierre_ja: wetas are native to NZ, so you might have somerhing similiar, but not a weta
01:50 Hymie at least, it would seem, you usually can tell when a weta is near you ;)
01:51 Cimer Okay
01:51 Nipqer their bite is pretty strong, the common tree weta apparently feels like a gun stapler to your hand
01:51 Cimer Guhl: http://pastebin.com/PqWer5bC
01:51 Hymie Nipqer: how pleasant :P
01:51 Guhl i should teach you how to make a beautiful silicon seam thats disgusting
01:52 pierre_ja Nipqer, grasshoppers here. they can get quite big, but not as big as the one you linked to.
01:52 Hymie Guhl: in this case, I had large areas to fill, some of my seams were nice though! ;)
01:52 Cimer Now what do I do?
01:53 Guhl you scream shout and dance
01:53 Guhl open a second command:
01:53 Guhl adb push misc_version /data/local/tmp/
01:54 Guhl adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/misc_version
01:54 Cimer And where would I get misc_version?
01:55 Guhl http://www.thinkthinkdo.com/trac/project1/raw-attachment/wiki/misc_version/misc_version_01.zip
01:56 Guhl unzip it and put it to the platform-tools
01:56 ReaperFromHell Should I install the engineering hboot? since it's optional what do I get from installing it? Or what don't I...
01:57 Guhl pleasure, joy and happiness (and the ability to use fastboot)
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01:57 Guhl which guide you follow?
01:57 ReaperFromHell you had me at pleasure! :D
01:57 Hymie ReaperFromHell: actually, what you don't get is sex from your chick any more .. we devised this engineering fastboot, so we can steal your women
01:57 pierre_ja ReaperFromHell, install it. what Guhl said.
01:57 ReaperFromHell http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index.php?title=HTC_Vision
01:58 Hymie ReaperFromHell: it also takes the largest portion at dinner time, leaving you with bitter dregs
01:58 ReaperFromHell the Desire Z parts
01:58 ReaperFromHell kewl!
01:58 pierre_ja Hymie, but eng-hboot enlarges the manhood, so it's still good to have
01:58 Cimer Now I can downgrade Guhl?
01:59 Guhl did you already run misc_version?
01:59 Cimer I've only done what you told me to do
01:59 Guhl in the command window where you have the # shell do:
02:00 Guhl /data/local/tmp/misc_version -s 1.19.531.1
02:00 Cimer ummm I got permissions denied
02:00 Hymie pierre_ja: here ;)
02:00 Hymie pierre_ja: heh ;)
02:01 Guhl you still got a # prompt?
02:01 Cimer yea...
02:01 Guhl then do
02:01 Guhl cd /data/local/tmp
02:01 Guhl chmod 777 misc_version
02:01 Guhl ./misc_version -s 1.19.531.1
02:02 Cimer It changed the version number I think
02:02 Guhl to make sure do:
02:02 Guhl sync
02:03 Cimer Okay done
02:03 Guhl dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p17 bs=1 skip=160 count=10
02:03 Cimer Okay done
02:04 Guhl what is the output (first 10 characters)?
02:04 Cimer @Guhl http://pastebin.com/g2GBHwYj
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02:05 Guhl ok so your main_version is now 1.19.531.1 in misc
02:05 Cimer Okay so now I can downgrade
02:06 Guhl wait just a sec i want to see if i can reproduce the temp root on my phone
02:06 Cimer I'll go get my card
02:06 Cimer that has the original firmware on it
02:09 Guhl yes i can - we got a new temp root for the g2/dz/dhd/mt4g
02:09 Nipqer woohoo
02:09 Cimer WOOOOT
02:10 Cimer Time to get the original firmware and lets go
02:10 pierre_ja Cimer, you don't need a card in the phone to downgrade. download the stock rootable rom to your platform-tools dir and grab fastboot.exe from http://developer.htc.com/google-io-device.html
02:11 pierre_ja put the fastboot.exe in your platform-tools
02:11 Hymie Guhl: you mean the doubleshot by the mt4g?
02:11 Guhl i would prefer if you try to install it using fastboot RUU, but you can also try using the hboot
02:11 Cimer Guhl I'll do what ever you want
02:11 pierre_ja Guhl will tell you waht to do with these
02:11 Cimer You're the dev, not me
02:11 Guhl do you have the fastboot executable?
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02:12 Guhl on windows it's called fastboot.exe and should be in the platform-tools
02:13 Cimer Fastboot is in my tools folder, I'll move it over
02:13 Cimer Okay all done
02:13 Guhl OK
02:14 Guhl and you got the 1.19.531.1 rom on the PC?
02:14 Cimer Yes, it's in my platform-tools folder
02:14 Cimer Named as PC10IMG.zip
02:14 Guhl OK then open a command window and do:
02:15 Guhl adb reboot bootloader
02:15 Guhl -when you see the FASTBOOT USB do
02:15 Guhl fastboot oem rebootRUU
02:16 Guhl - that should reboot to a black screen with a shiny htc logo
02:16<= furtardo left/quit
02:16 Cimer Yea I'm just waiting for it to do that
02:16 Guhl - then do:
02:16 Cimer k
02:16 Guhl fastboot flash zip PC10IMG.zip
02:17 Cimer It's doing its thing
02:17 Guhl - it should start with sending and the writing and then a progress bar should apear
02:18 Guhl - when it says something like repeat immediately the do
02:18 Guhl fastboot flash zip PC10IMG.zip
02:18 Guhl - again
02:18 Cimer =]
02:18=> skorgon joins
02:19 Cimer Now we wait for the progress bar
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02:19 Cimer Okay did it again
02:20 Cimer Second progress bar...
02:22 Guhl when that worked you do me 2 favors:
02:22 Guhl 1. you send the address that worked for fre3vo to agrabren
02:22 ReaperFromHell ok... I think I'm done! :D
02:22 ReaperFromHell \o/
02:22 Cimer k
02:22 Guhl 2. you make a nice little posting out of this channel log on xda
02:23 Cimer Any place specifically?
02:23 Guhl in the general area of the g2/dz
02:24 Cimer Okay it's done, do fastboot reboot ?
02:24 pierre_ja Guhl, is the link to the log a good idea? fishporn and stuff is in it lol
02:24 Guhl something like :HOWTO temp-root and downgrade G2 gingerbread
02:24 Hymie Cimer: you need to include the stories about my earwig problem, and also the fishporn talk in this log :P
02:24 Cimer I wont do all of it
02:24 Cimer I'll do a pastebin and cut all of tat crap out
02:24 Cimer lol
02:25 Guhl pierre_ja, Hymie help Cimer with that
02:25 Cimer Give you, and e...what ever credit..anyone else?
02:25 Guhl and don't forget to give credit to agrabren
02:25 Cimer Yea
02:25 Cimer That's the name
02:26 Cimer Back on 2.2 =]
02:26 Cimer Oh beautiful 2.2
02:26 Guhl so are you happy now? can i focus on kgdb again?
02:26 Cimer How I missed you
02:26 Cimer Yes, so very happy thank you Guhl
02:26 Cimer I know it's late for you, thanks for staying up
02:26 Hymie Cimer: now time to get that engineering hboot and CWM on
02:27 Hymie but maybe the log is important, for other people
02:27 pierre_ja ok fishporn, the audience is coming to you (Hymie, i hope you make money from site visits) lol
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02:27 Nipqer host the temp-root on fishporn
02:27 Guhl i think there is a market for fishporn